The 3 ‘Ups’ of Making an Impact: Step 3: Speak up

In the first 2 steps of our series, “The 3 ‘Ups’ of Making an Impact”, we explored Show Up and Listen Up; the importance of being physically and emotionally present in conversation and investing energy into listening and empathizing.  Now, the final step to make a lasting impact.

Step 3- Speak Up

Let me begin by repeating part of step 2: listen intently for meaning and understanding, NOT to formulate a response.  Otherwise, ‘making an impact’ gets derailed into rebuttal and defense.

Speaking up is more art than science.  First, guaging the conversation while involved in the conversation requires energy.  It’s difficult to be empathetic and try to see the world through the eyes of someone else.  Second, carefully measuring words as to not sound demanding or condescending requires a rich vocabulary.  Finally, it’s all about timing.  If your thoughts are requested, that’s simple.  Otherwise, there are ways to open a response.  For instance, you can restate what you heard.  (This is as much for meaning and clarification as it is for understanding.)  You can also simply ask if they would like your thoughts, or if you have been in a similar situation, experience.

No judgments.  No degredation.  Affirm their humanity, empathize with their situation, and offer support.

Making an impact takes time and effort.  But I promise you, it’s time and effort well invested.




The 3 ‘Ups’ of Making an Impact: Step 1: Show Up

Making an impact. It’s something we all want to do but many don’t know how. Here is an easy start to “The 3 ‘Ups’ of Making an Impact”.

Step 1- SHOW UP

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who seems distracted, on their phone, or blankly nodding to your comments?  Doesn’t that make you feel unimportant; like you’re talking to a wall? 

This is the situation we want to avoid.  In order to make an impact, you need to be willing to invest your attention into the conversation.  There is no shortcut, no magic bullet. You must be willing to SHOW UP.

Being fully present, showing up, is the first step in making a bigger impact with those around you.  When I say ‘presence’, it’s much more than physically being in the room.  It is devoting your energy and attention to those in the conversation.

In certain cases, you may need to remember the details of a conversation.  When this situation arises, ask if you can jot a few notes.  Write as little as possible, write in pencil or pen (as opposed to tapping on a device), and keep your face up as much as you can.  This will help keep you present in the conversation and connected.

Showing up and be emotionally present in a conversation is not natural for most people.  It will probably require practice and you might not get it right every time.  Like everything else, the more you practice the better you get.


  • Make eye contact as much as possible
  • Minimize distractions: turn off the TV, put the phone in your pocket or face down
  • Put yourself in their position


  • Allow yourself to be distracted
  • GIVE UP!  Keep practicing; the effort will be worth it!

Tomorrow, we will unpack part 2.  Today, start practicing SHOWING UP!




The 3 ‘Up’ Rules to Making an Impact- Introduction

If you are like most people, you want to be heard.  Even more than heard, you want someone to listen, to pay attention to you, to verify your identity and recognize your thoughts and ideas.  You want to make an impact.  Like the old investment firm commercials that mention the name “EF Hutton” and a hush falls over the room (because “when EF Hutton speaks, people listen.”)

Commanding that respect is easier than you think.  With a little knowledge, awareness and effort, you can expand your influence and make a lasting impact on those around you.  How would you feel if people took you more seriously; if they truly heard and understood what you had to say?

We are investing the bulk of this week to being heard, understood, and taken seriously; the three ‘up’ rules to making an impact.  No matter what position you hold, from parent to C-Suite, these three steps will help you make more of an impact.


The 3 ‘Ups’ of Making an Impact: Step 2: Listen Up

The second step in our series explores the art of listening. Not just hearing but truly listening.

Step 2- Listen Up

We all know people who are good listeners. They practice Step 1 and show up physically and emotionally to a conversation. They come without distraction, ready to participate. Good listeners give you their full attention, take in every word, and offer (not force) their view.

First, we must view listening as a skill. It’s a skill that goes much deeper than simply hearing; it’s is the process of allowing words or music to soak into the brain. Like a golf swing, it’s a skill that we must study, practice, and refine if we expect to be successful.

Second, listening requires effort. We must be willing to engage in listening with energy. Listen with the goal of understanding where the words are coming from; is this person worried? Downhearted? Excited? Put yourself in their position. Yes, it’s difficult, but true listening requires empathy.

*WARNING:* Being completely present in a conversation may lead to increased desire to give advice. 

Finally, try to avoid sharing your opinion and ideas unless they are specifically requested.   Showing up in the conversation partially means allowing the speaker to have the spotlight.  This is their time. Affirm their identity with facial expressions and nods. (This is especially challenging when you feel yourself getting defensive or when you personally disagree with what’s being said.)

I never said it would be easy. But I will say it’s worth it.

The 3 ‘ups’ to making an impact have given us Show Up and Listen Up. Tomorrow, our last ‘up’.


Are You Are Getting Robbed?

If you are like most people, you are being robbed and it’s just not right.

First, you are being robbed of the true flavor that coffee was destined to have.  In exchange, you’re forced to settle for stale, bitter brews that have lost their natural sweetness and aroma.

Second, you are being robbed of your precious time by constantly depending on someone else for your coffee.  If your coffee stop takes only 5 minutes, (the average is 7) you lose 20 hours per year.  You can brew the perfect cup, in the comfort of your home, in much less time.

Finally you are being robbed of your money by overpaying for a drink you could make at home, using much better ingredients, for literally pennies.

If you are being robbed, you can stop it.

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Brewing coffee at home not only saves time but also allows you to experience the aromas of freshly roasted coffee.  From citrus, to vanilla, to dark cocoa, the scents that fill the air during brewing are all there for you to enjoy.

For less than 30 cents per cup, you can taste the fullness of coffee, only adding flavors to enhance, not mask, the body and richness of the brew.

Visit www.mistergcoffee.com today.  Explore the single origins and exclusive blends.

Stop getting robbed and start experiencing the fullness of coffee.


5 Inspirational Thoughts

inspiration, (noun)

1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something especially to do something creative.

2. A sudden, brilliant, creative, or timely idea.

Being inspired is the first step to success. Whatever your goal, there will be obstacles and every now and then we all need a little extra motivation. Often, inspiration is found in the words of people we admire or who have accomplished great things.

As we make our way through the week, you may need a bit of extra inspiration. Here are 5 of the motivational quotes that inspire me.

“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” -Confucius

Keep working at your goals, even if you take small steps. Even small steps in the right direction are better than no steps at all.

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain

Sometimes it’s simply taking the first step that seems most difficult. Once you set a goal, get start ones achieving it!

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.” -Carol Burnett

If we want something to change or improve in our lives, it’s ultimately up to us to make it happen.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” -Charles Swindoll

Attitude is everything.

And a personal favorite;

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” -Walt Disney

Disney has many setbacks. He was told his goals were impossible. Even when people thought he was crazy, he persevered and look what he created.

I hope these words have inspired you to keep working toward your goals!


The BEST Homemade Coffee Liqueur

Since I am always curious about ways to use freshly roasted coffees, I decided to make coffee liqueur. I followed a simple recipe and experimented with different coffees to get the flavor I desired.

The recipe I used called for:
8 oz. brewed coffee (I used a strong medium/dark roast Nicaraguan)
2.6 oz. dark brown sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
60 ml. vodka

Slightly warm the coffee and brown sugar.  This allows the sugar to dissolve faster.  Once dissolved, add the vanilla and vodka (optional).

Why bother?

First, you are in control of the ingredients.  If you desire less sweetness or a stronger coffee flavor, you can adjust the recipe to accommodate.  If you wish to have less alcohol, or none, you have that option as well.

Second, you can make small batches and experiment with flavors.  You can add chocolate, cinnamon, cream, pumpkin spice, or any other ‘coffee friendly’ flavorings without committing to a large quantity.

Finally, it’s fun!  If you enjoy experimenting with your drinks, this is a great way to discover new flavors combinations and impress your guests.

I hope we’ve encouraged you to start thinking about your coffee in a new way.  If you have other suggestions, please comment!