Are You Are Getting Robbed?

If you are like most people, you are being robbed and it’s just not right.

First, you are being robbed of the true flavor that coffee was destined to have.  In exchange, you’re forced to settle for stale, bitter brews that have lost their natural sweetness and aroma.

Second, you are being robbed of your precious time by constantly depending on someone else for your coffee.  If your coffee stop takes only 5 minutes, (the average is 7) you lose 20 hours per year.  You can brew the perfect cup, in the comfort of your home, in much less time.

Finally you are being robbed of your money by overpaying for a drink you could make at home, using much better ingredients, for literally pennies.

If you are being robbed, you can stop it.

Coffee from The Mister G Coffee Company is chosen by you, roasted for you, and shipped directly to you.  The full flavor, aroma, and natural sweetness of the coffee is preserved for you to enjoy.

Brewing coffee at home not only saves time but also allows you to experience the aromas of freshly roasted coffee.  From citrus, to vanilla, to dark cocoa, the scents that fill the air during brewing are all there for you to enjoy.

For less than 30 cents per cup, you can taste the fullness of coffee, only adding flavors to enhance, not mask, the body and richness of the brew.

Visit www.mistergcoffee.com today.  Explore the single origins and exclusive blends.

Stop getting robbed and start experiencing the fullness of coffee.


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